Life Connection Ministries

"Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God".

Spiritual Food
LCM is committed to spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2000 we have held tent revivals where we have seen God's power in operation. Thousands of people walk for miles to hear the gospel message and to receive the love of Christ from the Life Connection Team.  Over 200 missionaries have been a part of the LCM team ministering to the spiritual needs of the people in South Africa.  Our primary focus has been to introduce the children and young people to a real God "that loves and accepts them just as they are". We have partnered with local public schools in the area to provide outreach meetings that are fun yet filled with spiritual truths that draw the students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Life Connection also makes it a priority to visit homes in the rural village each day while praying for the needs of the local community. We have distributed hundreds of copies of the Gospel of John in the Xhosa (native) language.  We always pour into the local pastors through bible training, personal discipleship and encouragement. So whether  you like to minister one on one or in the midst of thousands Life Connection Min. has the perfect God adventure for your spiritual growth.