Life Connection Ministries

A three strand chord is not easily broken

Ecclesiastes 4:12

our mission:

building Better Communities and Changing Lives !

Life Connection Ministries personally understands the diversity of needs through our yearly mission trips to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We have witnessed first-hand the rampant spread of AIDS/HIV, lack of clean water, hunger and increased unemlpoyment. So, with your help, we have drilled several wells to provide fresh water, erected community greenhouses that provide thousands of vegetable plants and constructed classrooms for at-risk children and orphans. We are committed to making a difference.. will you help? 


Economic Development

“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.

Natural Food

"For I was hungry and you gave me food"

Matt 25:35

Spiritual Food

"Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God". 

Matt 4:4